Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Future Pinball Tips and Tricks

I'm running Future Pinball in a Win7 64-bit OS. Initially, tables had trouble loading, and then they wouldn't start right (key "5" for a coin and "1" for start).

 The VPForums got me headed in the right direction:
 1) Right-click on the program (or shortcut, however you start it, or both)
2) Select Compatibility tab, and select Winxp SP3, and "run as administrator"
3) In Future Pinball editor, select "Preferences"->"Editor Options" and de-select "load image into table editor"
4) Under Video preferences, enable "use texture compression" and enable "Set threading to Single Processor", and check "Vertical Sync" I can run these max settings on my NVIDIA 8800GTS at 72Hz.

Make sure and disable any antivirus (or at least for the hard-drive directory with Future Pinball, which is do-able with Avast antivirus under the settings).  This will ensure tables load properly.  Try to exit out of FP completely after each table, to prevent memory leak errors and table load problems.