Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Virtual Pinball Machine

I'm nearly complete with my Virtual Arcade cabinet... it's all painted and needs some final touches like T-molding and the custom marquee.

But, when I'm not home, I am now beginning to plan my virtual pinball machine, with a LCD flat panel displaying 3D pinball games, and the backlight LCD displaying the matching score boards and DMD graphics.

There are some kits available at from the basic wood boxes, to the full kit, all ready to bolt-together-n-go.

The front end is Hyperpin

Lots of forums and downloadable tables at VPForums and PinSimDB

Cabinet Design video (example) here on YouTube, with instructions on the VPforums HERE

YouTube videos of hundreds of virtual pinball tables... some pretty nice, with construction details.

47" LCD  (Vizio 47" $650)  1080p 120Hz PC and HDMI input  [ SUPER Wide-body Pinball! ]
32" LCD  (Vizio 32" for $400)
19" LCD  (Samsung 19" for $190)
    Note:  all TV's with RGB hookups

Box kit
Button kit  $55
Trim kit with leg protectors  $450
Accelerometer & plunger  $140

Widebody glass dimensions: 43" x 23-3/4"  $50

PC:  Have already with video cards and software

Monday, September 10, 2012

Honda Insight (Gen 1) Maintenance and Repair

I sold my super dependable 2002 Lexus GS400 (one trip to the shop in 10 years), for a very miserly 2002 "Sebring Silver" Honda Insight.  Same price... one you pay for luxury and the other you pay for fuel savings.

Anyway, the Honda Insight had a major service at the Honda dealer (on their dime) when I bought it.

1) new IMA hybrid battery pack ($3000 value)
2) new tires
3) ? new brakes... need to check on this via Honda service database
4) ? replace coolant... need to check on this via Honda service database

My Insight now has 140,000 miles... I've added 50K in just 12 months of commuting every weekend between Pensacola and Atlanta.

Link to Honda Insight Maintenace Interval list and Excel Spreadsheet:  HERE

Just this week the idler pulley that tensions the serpentine belt started to whine, so a trip to the Autozone got me a new idler pulley wheel for $57.  Took about an hour to change it out.  Now, it's quiet as a baby again.

Link to idler pulley repair is on forum with part #'s, etc.

I added last weekend an aftermarket Cruise Control.  The total install time was about 7 hours.  A second time would probably take 3, now that I figured it all out, and realize that most of the little parts that came with the generic cruise control kit are not used.  Here's the DIY, step-by-step on the cruise control install at the website.

Some added thoughts on maintenance in the near future:

New Serpentine belt, at Autozone about $18

Coolant change, YouTube DIY video HERE
  Make sure and use pre-mixed Silicate Free over-the-counter "Green", or Honda "Blue" coolant Type 2, P/N L999-9001.  Uses about 2.5L for a normal "drain-n-fill" procedure.

Manual tranny fluid change, Genuine Honda MTF, about 1.6 quarts of oil.  Link to InsightCentral thread

EGR valve replacement/cleaning and EGR plate clean-out:  Links to EGR valve repair and rebuilt EGR valves here.  EGR Plate cleaning DIY HERE
Another nice thread of pics cleaning EGR valve:  HERE
EGR plate uses Honda Liquid Gasket

Spark plug replacement (they are "indexed" for each cylinder, so you must buy them from Honda)

Honda DOT 3 brake fluid replacement, recommended every two or three years.  DOT 3 used in both brake and fluid clutch system, and about three 12oz bottles to flush both systems.
   Brake bleeding using autobleeder (pics): HERE
   Clutch bleeding procedure HERE

Valve lash adjustment, cold, .008" exhaust, and .007 intake".  DIY LINK  Can re-use gasket if you're careful not to damage it.
The valve clearance is:  0.007"-0.009" intake (closest to front of engine)
                                    0.008"-0.010" exhaust (closest to firewall)