Monday, October 29, 2012

Bracketron fix PHV-202-BL

I've owned the Bracketron PHV-202-BL, vent-mounted smartphone holder for a couple years now.  Cheap AND practical.  It's worked like a charm all this time, but today one of the two spring clips that attaches to the vent louver broke.  Dang.

I was about to buy a whole new unit... but the bracketron website gives out FREE REPLACEMENTS!!  Seriously, is that COOL or what???

Here's the link for the replacement springs:

If you'd like to order one of these puppies, here's the amazon link:
Bracketron PHV-202-BL

(The PHV-200-BL is identical except for packaging... they share the same replacement springs)

Geek out!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Arcade update

I've been steadily working on the arcade when I get a couple free minutes here and there on the weekends, in between "honey-do" chores, church, community group bible studies, and just plain relaxing.

A week ago I applied the T-Molding all around, and a couple places needed some glue to keep the T-Molding down in the curves, since I had to redo a few grooves where it wasn't perfectly centered.  So, when you re-groove it, it's wider than it should be and the T-Molding has to be glued into place.  Gorilla wood glue and some weights and tiny temporary staples solved that.  Next time, it would be best to use a router table for a PERFECT centered groove, which is more difficult by hand, I must say.

It's about ready to transfer to the basement game room, and I can finish it up down there.  The custom marquee, marquee brackets are on order, and hope to have them delivered soon.  The side art is drawn up and the "DANGER JET BLAST" lettering has to be applied to the front (aka F-14 intake graphic).

The colors are from an F-14 at my squadron, VF-101 Grim Reapers, that was custom-trimmed in red paint on the tail.  The grey color is a perfect match to an F-14.  Of course, a good Tomcat is a dirty plane, with various panels of various to be a good match, I may have to "antique" the finish a bit.

Today, I installed the electrical box on the back to plug in the power-strip and computer, which will have a power-on relay to power up the sound amp, marquee lights when the PC is turned on.  I think I'll have an arcade switch on the side to wire-in the momentary power button for the motherboard...but have yet to work out where to put the power button... maybe on the front panel for easy access.

Also notice the magnetically attached access panel on top, to be able to reach into the computer area, if need be, without having to pull the unit away from the wall.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Our Dave Ramsey Radio Interview

Audio link of our on-air interview with Dave Ramsey on 27 Sep, 2012:  CLICK HERE