Friday, July 24, 2009

Can't google figure out I want my login page in ENGLISH???

Okay, I get that I've moved to Japan. I get that google's servers are so smart, and they know my IP address is somewhere on Okinawa, Japan. But heaven help that it doesn't know that for the past three years I've logged on using English, and that would be a nice thing to continue doing, thank you very much.

Look at the screen. Could you even guess which Kanji symbols to actually click? Fortunately, I tried to click-by-memory, and after a few bad attempts, got it to look like the same graphical layout I was used to.

Sheesh! Smart is getting it right, stupid is assuming 100% of everyone on Okinawa reads Kanji symbols.

And everytime I do a search, it assumes I want ... WRONG AGAIN GOOGLE. If I gosh-darn type "" into the box, I gosh darn want, not!!!! Give me a break!!!!

The only way is to go to, or hope you can read Kanji symbols again to set your preference for google for English only pages, but still everything gets messed up if you delete cookies.

Google... you need to get even smarter!