Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Samsung Color Laser Printer Troubleshooting

Just got back from the Japan move, and when hooking up my Samsung CLP-315W (aka CLP-310), got a big fat red light on the dash panel when booting up.

Checked all the doors for jammed papers, nothing.

I ran the CD-ROM, and installed the Application-->SPanel.exe program, and it said "Waster Toner Cartridge Full".

This website HERE, had details on cleaning it out. Mine wasn't full, but the move must have sloshed enough dry toner powder waste to block the light sensor which detects a full cartridge. Mine was maybe only 20% full, but the powder residue was blocking the light-path sensor, giving me a "FULL" indication, and unit fail-safe shut-down.

After rinsing it all out in the sink (caution: dry powder WILL come out, regardless of all the water you just isn't very water soluble). You might be better off doing it outside under a hose or faucet. Be prepared to wash your hands, and don't touch a thing before you wash with cold water and soap. DON'T use hot water, as that fixes (solidifies) the toner powder, whether that's inside the container or on your clothes. Use cold water to wash your clothes (and don't put any other clothes in the washing machine).

After rinsing it out thoroughly, and drying it, I reinstalled, and the printer is back to full working condition.