Friday, December 18, 2009

Okinawa AFN Satellite Setup

Dish is $149.95 at the Kadena BX electronics section ("Powerzone")
Receiver can be leased from the Kadena BX for about $16/month.

Log on to and enter the receiver's TID and UA numbers (from the back of the unit). It can take 24 hours to activate your receiver (mine took about 3 hours). This won't prevent you from tuning the dish, though.

Setup website for AFN

Newskies NSS-6
Satellite: NSS 6 (95.0 E)<-- Need this to choose your dish easily from a list
Elevation: 42.5°
Azimuth (true): 235.4°
Azimuth (magn.): 240.1°

Pointing help Dishpointer website using google maps: HERE NSS-6 is at 95.0E

Here's a video about the iPhone app to help point to the satellites that are out there in space...pretty cool!

Okinawa DTS Pacific Model 9835 Settings
A. On your remote, push the menu button to pull up the main menu on your television screen.
B. Once you are on the main menu, press 2. This will, take you to the Presets/LNB Menu.
C. Once you are on-the Preset/LNB-Menu, this is.the setting you should see (if not change them), if you can't change them all, go to "activate"/"OK", and then it will allow you to change them (move the arrows and hit OK to select, then arrows to change values).

Active: 3
Preset: 3 (Japan Korea)
Downlink: 12.647
Sym Rate: 28.0
FEC Rate: Auto
Polarization: V (vertical) [or] try H (depending on your dish hardware)
Network ID: 4
LO Freq#1: 9.750
LO Freq#2: 10.600
Crossover: 11.700
LO Select: LO2 (If this doesn't work, try Xover)

D. To change your Preset setting to match those above, you-use the arrow keys on your remote to move the highlight bar to the item to be changed. Push the OK button on the remote to clear the field, input the correct numbers using the remote, then push select again to lock the new information into the decoder.
E. Once all settings are correct, highlight the "Activate" function at the bottom of the screen and push the OK button.
F. Once the activation is completed,
G. Select "3. Dish Setup" to get a tone to aim the dish. Beeping is no signal, steady is better, with peak signal values/tone.

Any problems call AFRTS March ARB, CA
DSN: 312-348-1339
Comm: 951-413-2339
24/7 service provided
If you-are looking for information on the service provided (number of channels available, satellite dish setup, etc.) use the website listed below.