Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Windows 7 64-bit install

New hard-drive (after old POS Seagate 1.5TB died), so decided to go for the whole enchilda and upgrade from WinXP Pro to Win 7 Home Premium.

Newegg shipped quick, and installing clean to the new hard-drive.

So far:
25 minutes for initial "Installing" screen (it may be black with only an arrow, but let it run! ... Don't reboot!)
15 minutes to recognize all the drives (2 HD, and one Blu-Ray ROM)
40 minutes to format the Disk 0 (new unpartitioned hard drive)
40 minutes - "copying windows files" said "0%" for about 40 minutes, then went on to the next step. I actually thought it had stalled, and was doing some google searches on it ... but then it completed.
30 minutes - Completing Installation
4 hours - Installing software from internet
1 hours - image new hard-drive to backup (with Win7 image program)
10 minutes - make System restore DVD from Win 7

Man, is it fast on my Core 2 Duo 64-bit processor and 4GB ram... WOW!!!!

Software to install:
ASUS P5E-VM HDMI motherboard drivers
Windows Defender antispyware (if not included)
Avast antivirus
Google Chrome
Adobe Flash Player
Firefox 3
Picasa 3
Tweak Win 7 Pro
Yahoo Widgets
Cobian Backup
Roboform *
Microsoft Mesh (for networking my computers worldwide)
MS Office * (SP1 SP2 SP3)
M$ Live Mail
CD Burner XP Pro
Zoomplayer Premium
Printer Drivers
Image Resizer for Win 7 (64-bit)
MobiPocket ebook reader
Replay Radio
Google Earth
Harmony Remote software

Steam Game Client (Half-Life2 and Arma2)
Microsoft FS X

Move Documents, Music and Pictures back to Hard-drive from backup drive.

Here's my favorite Firefox add-ons, too, which need to be re-installed:
Cool Iris
IE Tab
AdBlock +
AI Roboform
Download Statusbar
Tab Effect

Consider moving your email cache and address book to a folder in "My Documents" called "My Email" ... that way it gets backed-up automatically when you make a weekly backup of "My Documents" to an external hard-drive ( I use Cobian Backup, which is free and reliable).