Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lexus DIY maintenance links

With the 2000 Lexus GS400 needing some service, I started scrounging the web for some great DIY links:

Club Lexus DIY for 2nd Generation GS

Banana GS DIY site

GS 430/300 service manual (requires IE !)

Maintenance items:

Timing Belt (check service paperwork to make sure it was not done at 200,000)
Water pump
Serpentine Belt
Belt Tensioner
Crank Seal and Cam Gear gaskets replaced at same time
Spark Plugs (Pulstar Iridium (+2% MP) or Denso Iridium SK20R11 (.044" gap)

VVT-i filter replacement ($5)

Steering rack bushings ($40)

Lower Ball joints ($120) another link here on what parts to get:
101-4959 Lower Ball Joint 1 $54.77
101-4960 Lower Ball Joint 1 $54.77
101-4537 Outer Tie Rod End 1 $17.56
101-4586 Outer Tie Rod End 1 $17.56

Auto tranny fluid change
Differential fluid change
Brake Fluid change

Fuel filter and filter "bag" change: DIY HERE (Under Read Seat...see BananaGS DIY site on pics on how to remove back seat)
Watch out for this when changing fuel filter: stuck float

Cabin Filter Change
(homemade HEPA filter mod)

Repair A/C evaporator condensation box leakage
actual dash out project and condensor replacement

Sunroof rattle repair DIY

Wipers down into cowl ("not" snow position which is higher)

Smog sensor hack

Change remote key batteries x 2

Read end brace install ($90)
Steering Tensioner tightening
Hood Latch Cable replacement (if still acting unreliably)
NAV hack to allow destination input while moving: HERE

Audio mod (hack NAV radio )

(if doesn't work, use the Nav audio hack below to get to the audio menu):
NAV diagnostics hack

When FM button is pressed these adjustments are for adjusting the frequency characteristic of the amplifier.
P1 - This is to set the EQ1 point. This number is from from 000 (default) to 286.
P2 - This is to set the EQ2 point. This number is from from 000 (default) to 176.
L - This is to set the attenuation value (Tel mute) point from 0 to -20db.

When TAPE is pressed these adjustments are for adjusting the speaker level values.
F - Front, values from 0 (default) to -80db
R - Rear, values from 0 (default) to -80db
W - Woofer, values from 0 (default) to -80db