Friday, May 11, 2012

iPad wall mounting ideas...

At the top of the heap, a DIY wall mount video HERE on how to install the wall mount from .  It sells for $100 and can come with home button exposed or hidden, depending on your application.

  The Wallee system... cheap and elegant, and quickly removable. Downside is recharge cable would be exposed.

 Premier Mount: more durable? More security? Needs more pics and tutorials on how this works.

 The PadTab looks inexpensive and easy to use, with a minimalist wall hook-device. Did I say strong, too?

 The iPadFrame looks more like a traditional picture frame, but also has power-dock integrated, as well as the function button. Could be just what I need... wish it was about half that price, though.

  The Ledge is a sleek single CNC-milled aluminum block...still awaiting funding. Could also be carved from a nice piece of cherry or mahogany by a hobbyist, at home.

 The Vidabox iPad Wall Mount is a flush mount unit... looks fantastic.

 The eShop page lists these for about $99. Install instructions are on site, but the included "Charging Solution" needs more details and explanations. Another over-priced minimalist aluminum wall-bracket. $70, Seriously? Oh yeah, it's at the Apple store...

 The Wallport... more for temporarly/semi-permanent holding, not very classy in the looks department (or WAF) Kiosk mounts for public access...and preventing use of the home button. And when I say "kiosk", I mean "ka-ching$$$"

 LXB Wallpad, interesting angle-up approach for viewing while standing. Not a bad look...but something other than stark-white might be nice. Would work well for a billiard room jukebox or streaming music selector. Nano-second later edit: no longer available. Too bad, looked inexpensive and easy to mount. Might be something that can be one-off reproduced in wood and painted to match the wall.

 Dockalot wall mount solution... $200. My used iPad was only $160! ;)