Saturday, August 30, 2008

Internet Explorer 8 beta is out...

So, I use Firefox for just about everything except Microsoft downloads (though Firefox has an IE-tab function, which works pretty good at fooling websites into thinking you're running IE instead of Firefox).

Here's the link to the IE8 beta download site here.

I'll report back after the break how it functions, and whether it's worth the switch either from IE7 or from Firefox...


Well, I downloaded IE8 overnight, and rebooted as directed.

First thoughts: looks the same (which can be good... who wants to learn all new button locations for familiar stuff?) but I've never liked the new IE7 layout, so I'm not crazy about IE8 then, either. Homepage button to small and far away, forward and back buttons are too small. Hate that dull, gray look. Yuk. Where's the custom skins options????
Interesting upgrades:

1) Suggested Sites: kind of learns where you've been and then suggests sites based upon your browsing history. Here's what was suggested for me after about three minutes... since I was working on my blog, it is suggested some other blog services.

2) A "safety" button/menu with delete history, "private browsing" to leave no footprints for that birthday gift shopping and a SmartScreen Filter which checks the website, and also screens download files for problems (virus and spyware?)

3) There's a small "broken page" button near the address bar to "fix" bad websites... haven't had opportunity to fix a page yet, though the log-in page looked a bit "broken". Firefox renders it perfectly, (of course).

Bottom line: will I switch? No way. Firefox add-ons are fun and helpful. Page rendering seems better (but not faster at this point). Firefox has better buttons and skins, too.
Sorry, M$ Bill... no switching today....
Geek out,