Friday, August 29, 2008

Vivix is here!

Just got in our first auto-shipment of Vivix, the resveratrol product by Shaklee. Interestingly, this is a purplish liquid (it is made from grapes), whereas most resveratrol products are powdered capsules. The Vivix tastes pretty grape candy. One teaspoon is all it takes. Shake well, take with food. Since I'm not a big candy eater, I wash it down with water, or like Toni, with a Sierra Mist soda...which she says tastes even better after the Vivix "shot".
Here's a Wikipedia entry on the anti-aging, and anti-cancer, properties of Resveratrol

As a physician, I've dug into the 1000's of pure medical research on this compound, and the overall consensus is that the benefits of resveratrol are real (at least in all the animal studies from unicellular organisms to mice), and could be life-changing for humans, too.

I've been a huge skeptic about most nutraceuticals which are hawked by companies with very little data but for anecdotes of "how my uncle got better after a couple teaspoons" of some snake oil. Resveratrol has the science from thousands of independant medical labs, and more is coming out all the time.

Do a NCBI scientific journal search for resveratrol... 2300+ articles, mostly positive, and growing all the time. Here's a couple thousand more articles also listed at

Glaxo-Smith-Kline has a spin-off pharmaceutical company that may be coming out with a resveratrol product to help control adult- diabetes. One board-certified internist physician-author, states that resveratrol can reduce cancer risk by 77%, increase health, and decrease risk of cardiac disease.

Here's an ABC nightline article and news video on the chemical resveratrol, which is in Vivix.